When my mom reminds me again that I’m single

Just so you know….

This is my “personal” blog. 

While here is more of my "picture of my favorite things" blog 

I’ve been pretty bad on posting things here- the plan is to change that soooooooooon so watch out internet-world! look out for more posts from yours truly :) 

Since my most popular post is My Biggest Complaint While on Accutane  aka a non-sponsored post for The Body Shop’s Concealer…

thought y’all would like to know that they are having a buy 3 get 3 free or buy 2, get 1 free sale this weekend till Monday! Both in stores and online!

The last time they had this sale I stocked up and went for the buy 3, get 3 free since that means you’re at least getting 6 concealer sticks for half price, which is a pretty sweet deal- won’t even much drugstore prices :) 

Again, this concealer stick was my go-to concealer stick while I was on Accutane. You can add layers to it easily and it doesn’t have a cakey- over the top makeup look and its easy to apply. LOVE IT!

Also the Body Shop has a great return and exchange policy :) 

Harvey Specter + facial expression 4/5 (season 2)

Harvey Specter + facial expression 4/5 (season 2)

Harvey Specter + facial expression 4/5 (season 2)


By Brianna Wiest

1. It will be love at first sight.

Some people do experience this, and it’s probably the initial biological attraction that ignites physical feelings. However, some couples are able to work out beyond that, falling in love with each other for more than what they are physically…

So supposedly lip glosses can cause acne around the lips :( 

I’m a fan of Victoria Secret’s lip glosses since you can get them for a sweet deal when they’re on sale (which is like always :P).

But according to the quick internet search I did- oil from lip glosses move around and get on the skin around the lips and trap bacteria = acne :( 

Bah just had to throw out a tube of lip gloss I was using. I actually really liked it too and I hate wasting things. 

Of course lip glosses aren’t the only reasons why people get acne around their lips but if you’re not a normal lip gloss wearer and recently found a lip gloss you wanted to use again (like me) and started wearing it and found you’re getting more whiteheads around your lips- its probably the lip gloss… 

Link to where I got my info: